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Mind+Music Hypnotherapy - Wellington. 11 Woodhouse Ave

When Push Comes to Shove

Uphill Struggle?

I’m sure you are familiar with  the terms such as ‘Up the Creek without a Paddle”,  “Shoveling *#!! Uphill” or how about !*###!! against the Wind”?

Do you ever wonder to yourself how some people seem to cope better than others, or appear happier more often?


Go With the Flow

Maybe, just maybe it is more to do with mindset as much as anything else. When we are stressed or anxious, for one reason or another, it is easy for us to naturally assume the worst, keep our heads down and just keep on pushing through.

Imagine for a moment how good it would feel to take control. To be relaxed, to simply observe the good and the bad without getting sucked in or feeling like the whole world is against you.

Just go with the flow. Like attracts like, soon you may find that your new positive outlook is having a beneficial effect on other areas of your life. We all have choices.