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Mind+Music Hypnotherapy - Wellington. 11 Woodhouse Ave

Music and hypnotherapy

Radio imageMusic has always had an hypnotic effect on me personally, and I believe this to be true for most people. Who doesn’t have a favourite song that, when heard on the radio simply transports you to another place and time, with all of the images and feelings associated with it? Oh how it can hypnotize.

We only have to think of how music is used in ceremonies, rituals and rites of passage all over the world and through all periods in history to begin to understand its true value and man’s innate relationship with it.

At Mind + Music Hypnotherapy, I will be  drawing on my background as a Bachelor of Music (MusB) to produce tracks that will go hand in hand with the therapeutic process. My passion is in exploring how music and hypnotherapy together can be used to facilitate meaningful change wherever change is sought.