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Mind+Music Hypnotherapy - Wellington. 11 Woodhouse Ave
Hypnosis, a natural state?

Hypnosis, a natural state?

Did you know that hypnosis is a natural state that each of us engage with many times during our day? A good example is when we are watching sport, the more exciting and closely contested the game, the better. Or Friday afternoon, clock watching at work, when we imagine ourselves going about our own business on the weekend. Physically, we are very much still there, in that place, but our mind is somewhere else completely. You know the feeling?

I see lots of people engage with music every morning on their commute. Each of us locked into our own world of sound, because
music has a hypnotic element built in naturally too. It can take us on a journey of our own and provide a space for us to reflect, provide time for us to think, to plan, to dream.

Mind+Music Hypnotherapy is unique in that it combines original composition, hypnosis and current therapeutic techniques together to create a powerful and effective intervention for you. Each session is recorded for you to take away and use at your own convenience. You can also purchase individual tracks on from the website or download a free track from here. or contact me if you have any questions about hypnotherapy.