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Free Spoken Word Track


About the Script

There are many references you will find as to what your inner guide is all about. The purpose of this free script and music is simply for you to be able to relax and to centre yourself effectively. It is a good introduction to my approach at Mind + Music hypnotherapy, in that it blends music and self-hypnotic techniques to facilitate meaningful change. It is a perfect opportunity for you to “get a feel” for what it is all about. I hope you enjoy it.

About the track.

The Inner Guide features a simple melodic sequence which drifts to and fro over time. Performed on a Fender Rhodes Piano, which is very similar to a normal piano except in its use of metal “tines” in place of the steel strings. It’s harmonic overtones and overall rich sonority provide a spacious and quite dreamy backdrop to your self-hypnotic induction and beyond. Duration: 15 mins approx.

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For more information about music and hypnotherapy please, feel free to Contact me.